This website is a joint venture involving the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT).

What is it?

TAP is a paper-free technical library devised to help you find the up-to-date documents you need when planning, designing and operating road networks in the UK. The portal acts as a one-stop-shop depository of web links to core documents produced by a range of organisations. It will help you find specific documents you already know about but will also direct you to helpful information you may not previously been aware of.

What will you find?

When you complete your search the documents will be listed in date order, the most recent first and each document will be categorised into seven document types.

  • Legislation - documents that provide direction on Legal Requirements.
  • Primary Documents - these are documents that are Industry Standards or offer key advice such as Traffic Advisory Leaflets (TAL).
  • Secondary Documents - these are documents that offer Good Practice such as IHT Guidelines and General Guidance Documents.
  • General Information - this category covers Topical Documents.
  • Research - this category is for Reports resulting from Research Projects.
  • Products - Private Company products that relate to the documents in a topic.
  • Useful websites - topic related websites.
  • Software - computer software programmes. 

The individual document link will direct you to a PDF of the document or its location where it can be downloaded or purchased.

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Technical assistance and feedback

Please feel free to contact us if you have a specific technical query or wish to offer feedback on the documents available.

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