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Step by Step Guide


A step by step guide to using TAP
This website is a joint venture involving the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT).

What is it?

TAP is a repository of web links to documents that are seen as key guides to the planning, design and operation of road networks.

What is it for?

TAP is primarily aimed at local authority engineers and industry practitioners but is equally relevant for members of the public with a specific interest in the subject area. 

How do I use it?
By selecting topic headings, narrowing terminology and filtering your search fields by document category, publisher, country of origin and date you can refine the list of documents offered.


Step 1- Specific topic areas are listed on separate pages and can be accessed through the main topic list in the left hand column of the home page of this website (see figure 1).

home page




















Figure 1

The main topic headings are Environment, Highways, Public Transport, Safety, Traffic Management, Vulnerable Road Users and Intelligent Transport Systems. By clicking on your interested topic a new page is opened that contains a list of related topic headings. For example Highways.

Highways page




















Figure 2

Step 2 - When you enter the topic page you are given a number of opportunities to refine your search. You can either select a Narrower terms heading or select Filter content (see figure 2).

Selecting Filter content opens up a filtering section (see figure 3).

Selecting from the Narrower terms heading will open a new page – for example Junction Design (see figure 4).





















Figure 3

Narrower Terms




















Figure 4

Step 3 - If you selected Filter content you can now filter by date, publisher (this is the document owner such as DfT or the Highways Agency) and document type. There are seven document types:

  • Legislation - documents that provide direction on Legal Requirements.
  • Primary Documents - these are documents that are Industry Standards or offer key advice such as Traffic Advisory Leaflets (TAL).
  • Secondary Documents - these are documents that offer Good Practice such as IHT Guidelines and General Guidance Documents.
  • General Information - this category covers Topical Documents.
  • Research - this category is for Reports resulting from Research Projects.
  • Useful websites - topic related websites.
  • Software - computer software programmes.

Step 4 - If you selected a Narrower term you can now further filter you potential document list by using the Filter content section.

Step 5 - Once you have completed your topic selection and any filtering by clicking on the filter publications option the website will then offer a list of documents (see figure 5).





















Figure 5

Step 6 - Click on your desired document and you will be directed to the down loaded document or its location where it can be downloaded or purchased.

Become a Portal user
By registering as a portal user (top right corner of home page) you can personalise the site by create a virtual library of documents that you use on a regular basis in a “my favourites” section that appears in the bottom left hand corner of every page of the site.  

The documents listed on the individual topic pages are not exhaustive lists of publications on that topic but those that are seen as important and are offered to the designer/user to assist them in their work.

The IHT takes reasonable measures to ensure that the information provided by third parties is not defamatory or offensive, but we cannot control the content or take responsibility for pages maintained by external providers.
Although we recommend sites for information purposes, we do not endorse the quality of any services, products or materials obtained by you from external providers as a result of using this site.