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Parking for Historic Towns

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The use of motor vehicles within historic town centres raises many conflicts – vehicle access is essential for the local economy to thrive – but it can detract from the character and amenity of the public realm and cause damage to the buildings. This paper explores how local parking arrangements for different classes of vehicle may mitigate this dichotomy. The nature of historic town centres and the definition of the public realm and its main functions are discussed. The Principles defined by the EHTF for historic street design and maintenance which are most relevant to vehicles are listed. The changing nature of vehicle use in and through our historic towns is noted and the parking provisions which should be attractive to different classes of vehicle users are analysed.

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Event Parking at Established Venues

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This paper looks at the common parking issues which arise for established venues and touches on the management of all modes of travel to and from such locations. It discusses how events of different types and timings may affect travel mode choice and parking demand and outlines how the extra traffic and parking may be controlled so as to minimise the impact on local streets. The key factors required for effective off street parking management are discussed and the importance of careful planning for coach set down, parking and reloading is emphasised. The parking needs of motor cyclists are noted. The paper also provides a practical case study by examining the particular experience of the London Borough of Brent in managing parking at and around the new Wembley Stadium.

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Standard PCN Codes v6.5.1

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This is the latest release of contraventions codes for use from Sunday 1 November.

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Disabled Parking and Blue Badges

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In February 2005 the sixth Parking Forum reported on Parking for Disabled Motorists. That paper made eighteen recommendations to improve conditions for Blue Badge holders. The purpose of this paper is to report on the progress of two impor tant current initiatives which embrace many of those recommendations, to consider the current validity of the remainder and to use the wide experience of Forum members to identify further recommendations.

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On-Street Parking in Residential Areas General Information 01/02/04 Add icon
Parking at Public Transport Interchanges General Information 13/08/08 Add icon
Parking and its Role in Workplace and School Travel Planning General Information 01/01/05 Add icon
Parking for Powered Two Wheelers

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Powered two wheelers (PTWs) comprise power-assisted cycles, mopeds, scooters, urban access vehicles and motorcycles of all capacities.They have specific requirements for parking which are often different from cars.

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Parking for Bicycles

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Almost every household in UK has at least one bicycle and 95% of adults can ride a bicycle. Bicycle sales in UK currently exceed 2 million per year. There are probably many more cycles than cars in the UK. Every year 100,000 new bicycle parking spaces are provided. Cycling is good for the health of the cyclist and good for the environment. Cycling can be a very convenient way to travel and is also economical. However, travel by cycle still forms only a small proportion of total travel undertaken by the travelling public.There are many areas where there has been a noticeable increase. For example cycling in London has increased significantly (up 23% since the introduction of the congestion charge) and there are also good increases in York and Bristol and on the Sustrans network. There are a number of current Government backed initiatives to encourage cycling but the original White Paper cycling targets have recently been withdrawn.

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Lorry Parking

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There are over 400,000 goods vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes registered in the UK and there are 103,000 operators licensed to run these types of vehicles. At any one time there are also many thousands of European registered goods vehicles running on UK roads. All operators seek to achieve high levels of vehicle utilisation. Regulations* require drivers to stop at defined time intervals whilst traffic congestion can make it impossible to reach planned stopping points within allowed driving times. There are limited official stopping places suitable for HGVs and this lack makes full compliance with the regulations difficult and may contribute to the volume of theft of loads and vehicles (which averages about 10 per day). Provision of sufficient good quality stopping places would provide many benefits for drivers, operators, the community and the economy.

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