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Manual for Historic Streets

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This document brings together a collection of articles by experts in both the theory and practice of good streetscape management. National policies and guidelines, the purpose and economic benefits of the public realm and the risk debate are explored in Part 1. Part 2 looks at achieving high quality in the various elements which make up the streets - from paving and street furniture to lighting and public art. The document concludes with Key Principles and an extensive reference list.

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Bus Based Park and Ride

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In 1993 the English Historic Towns Forum produced its first Park & Ride Good Practice Guide in response to widespread interest in the potential benefits of bus-based park & ride systems in our historic towns. These towns were among the first to introduce out-of-town parking provision, with cheap and frequent public transport links to the centre. Since 1993 the implementation of park & ride has developed apace, and there are now at least 35 towns and cities operating over 80 year-round systems.

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Traffic in Historic Town Centres

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Where pedestrians and cars have to share streets in busy town centres not only should the number of vehicles be reduced to the minimum, but pedestrians should also have priority over vehicles. New ways should be found to reduce the speed of vehicles, to walking pace where necessary, and to reduce the need for physical traffic measures and signs. The report considers working practices in this country and on the continent. It highlights a need for government departments to be working more closely together and identifies some areas where changes would assist in achieving both conservation and traffic objectives. Although some aspects of this document are now out of date, it is sometimes very helpful to reflect on the historical perspective in seeking to move forward. There is also still a lot within this publication that makes very good sense and shows that EHTF (now HTF) was and still is very much ahead of the game. ‘Manual for Historic Streets’ published in 2008 reflects further on the changes advocated in this document.

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Traffic Measures in Historic Towns Secondary Doc. 01/10/93 Add icon
Traffic in Townscape - Ideas from Europe

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This document seeks to assist traffic engineers and urban designers working together. It is also intended to be useful to people concerned with the amenity of their own town or village.

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Focus on the Public Realm

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The spaces between buildings - the Public Realm - have come under increasing scrutiny recently. The important contribution to economic development, regeneration, tourism and other aspects of the overall vitality of our towns and cities cannot be under-estimated. The Forum has expressed concern about the quality of the public realm since it was formed in 1987 and a number of publications have addressed various aspects of it. At the 2002 Annual Conference we pledged to make it the main focus of our work in 2003, and this has been the theme running through the events and publications since then. This publication identifies the issues surrounding management of the public realm in our historic towns and cities, looking at the problems and highlighting examples of good practice. It is clear that acheiving both quality and local distinctiveness in the historic built environment is vital to the success of historic towns, and the spaces between the buildings are of equal importance. The Forum believes that there is a need for greater co-ordination of the management of our public spaces and that the time has come for all stakeholders to work in partnership to ensure quality and local distinctiveness.

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Transport Demand Management

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This Guide to Practice has been produced by the Forum to meet the requirements of its members and other Local Authorities throughout England for some straightforward guidance on the application of demand management techniques and measures in the special environment of the historic town.

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