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Outdoor Lighting Guide

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As concern grows over environmental issues and light pollution, this book satisfies a need for a straightforward and accessible guide to the use, design and installation of outdoor lighting. This all-inclusive guide to exterior lighting from the Institution of Lighting Engineers, recognized as the pre-eminent professional source in the UK for authoritative guidance on exterior lighting, provides a comprehensive source of information and advice on all forms of exterior lighting, from floodlighting, buildings and road lighting to elaborate Christmas decorations. Useful to practitioners and non-experts alike, specialists will value the dependable detail on standards and related design, installation and maintenance problems, whilst general professionals can find extensive practical guidance on safety issues, the lighting of hazardous areas and avoiding potential difficulties.

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TR12 Lighting of Pedestrian Crossings

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This report gives guidance on how to go about lighting pedestrian crossings to ensure maximum possible safety for pedestrians and road users.

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TR23 Lighting of Cycle Tracks

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This publication explains how to apply the correct lighting standard for cycle tracks, including recommendations on lighting levels, selection of equipment and lighting arrangements to ensure lighting designers can produce satisfactory cost effective schemes.

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TR25 Lighting for Traffic Calming Features

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This report looks at the various forms of traffic calming used by highway safety engineers and gives guidance and recommendations on how these features should be illuminated. This report is aimed at lighting professionals and all highway safety engineers and professionals, who will find it a useful aid to understanding the specific reasons behind lighting solutions for traffic calming features. The report gives guidance and recommendations on the approach to evaluating the lighting and materials used for the various forms of traffic calming on the highway.

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