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National Cycle Network - Guidelines and Practical Details

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Guideline setting the standard for the National Cycle Network, as has set the standard for local cycling infrastructure. This guide covers general design principles, designing cycling networks, junction and link design, routes adjacent to and on highways and routes away from highways, cycle parking and other cycling infrastructure.

Primary Doc. 31/12/97 Add icon
Greenway Design Guide

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Being more than just cycle and wallking infrastructure, Greenways truely transform urban areas. This guide covers the philosophy, design and construction of Greenways as multi-user paths for commuting and leisure. The distillation of 30 years of Sustrans' path building experience - the Connect2 Greenway Guide is an indispensible tool for anyone involved in the construction, maintenance and promotion of cycling and walking.

General Information 01/05/09 Add icon
CTC Benchmarking - Examples of best practice

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The CTC (Cyclists Touring Club) has for nearly 10 years worked with Local Authorities across the UK to establish best practice for cycle infrastructure. This site showcases best practice projects for all kinds of cycling infrastructure.

Useful Website 01/08/09 Add icon
Ways for Wildlife

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Describes how traffic-free cycle paths can benefit wild animal populations.

General Information 01/11/00 Add icon
Shared use routes

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Covers policy and design guidance for paths shared between cyclists and pedestrians.

Secondary Doc. 01/10/00 Add icon
Cycle parking in rural areas

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Information sheet on designing secure cycle storage sympathetic to a rural setting.

Secondary Doc. 01/02/98 Add icon
Designing secure cycle and walking routes

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Good design can reduce concerns about personal security on traffic-free cycle and walking paths - this information sheet gives useful guidance on suitable design elements. Sheet endorsed by ACPO.

General Information 01/03/99 Add icon
Access controls for cycle paths

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Information sheet for path builders and designers, detailing how to prevent abuse of cycle paths, while not obstructing legitimate users.

General Information 01/11/98 Add icon
Cycle routes and their impact on neighbours

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The proximity of a quality cycle route can have many beneficial effects on those in the local community.

General Information 01/10/99 Add icon
Traffic restraint and retail vitality

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Information sheet looking at town centre planning, and how customers reach shops.

General Information 01/01/03 Add icon
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