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Returning Roads to Residents

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Residential development in Britain is an indivisible part of the history of the UK. But many homes were built for a very different lifestyle to the one we seek to follow now. Much has changed over the last 100 years, including technology, wealth and society itself. Change has brought a decline in the attractiveness and quality of life in many of our streets at a time when we are demanding ever-higher standards over the type and quality of home and neighbourhood. The problems that are being encountered demand solutions. This report aims to help residents, professionals and councillors make all residential streets attractive and pleasant places in which to live.

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Designing Streets for People

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The Designing Streets for People Inquiry, which began in 1998, is a fundamental review of the way we design, manage, and maintain our streets. It reflects on how the role of the street is changing within the urban environment, including the impact of increasing car use. It examines how we design, manage and maintain our streets, and suggests improvements to better reflect current thinking in: ■ Community empowerment and social inclusion ■ Sustainability ■ Urban Renaissance i.e. the quality of life in towns and cities ■ Integrated transport and land use planning Its recommendations are based on evidence provided by professionals, academics, the public and politicians. To avoid legal complexity, the report has been written in relation to legislation applying to England, but the proposals are intended to be considered in terms of the UK as a whole. The proposed recommendations will help to achieve an Urban Renaissance as promoted in Government policy such as “Planning for the Communities of the Future”, “A Better Quality of Life”, the Urban Task Force’s “Towards an Urban Renaissance”, “By Design”, and the National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal.

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