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ITS Handbook

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Following the success of the ITS Handbook 2000, the PIARC Technical Committee on Network Operations has completed a new and extended edition. This new edition takes into account the experience gained over the last years; it provides information about the status of implementation of ITS technologies in 33 countries and presents 39 detailed case studies.

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Road Safety Manual

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After six years of diligent work led by the PIARC Technical Committee on Road Safety, this reference publication compiles the experience from different countries; it presents state-of-the-art information and guidance for the design and operation of road infrastructure in order to increase road safety.

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Road Networks Operations Handbook

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Historically, road authorities responded to increasing demand by adding capacity, building new roads or expanding the existing ones. With the high costs and constraints on building conventional infrastructure, maximising the effectiveness of existing systems, including capitalising on new technologies such as Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), has become, for many authorities, a new focus. Given demographic trends and the growing demand for improved system performance, road authorities are changing the way they plan and operate their transport systems and are focusing more intensely on road network operations. More importantly, the transportation world has become increasingly user-driven. Users/customers are concerned with mobility and accessibility. They want transportation choices and real-time information in order to make informed decisions. Improved travel-time and congestion relief are desired. Greater reliability of the transportation system and the minimisation of unpredictable delays, greater safety and security are also high on the list of user expectations. Operating the network is thus much more than keeping the system running. It is about optimising the system performance. The mission shift toward user responsiveness implies a clear and definite goal to improving the transportation system performance. In order to understand how successful we are in achieving our goal, we need to adopt performance measures that will evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of our road network operations activities.

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