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Valuing Places: Good Practices in Conservation Areas

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There are around 10,000 conservation areas nationwide. According to English Heritage’s 2010 conservation areas survey, there is a significant threat to 1 in 13 of them. Actively managed, conservation areas are a highly effective and popular way of protecting the character of places. The 18 case studies presented here illustrate a range of exemplary or innovative practice, so as to help all those involved in managing historic places, from local authority members and staff to civic societies and local groups. The order in which the cases are presented reflects the sequence of activities in the process of effective conservation area management.The first step is to establish general agreement on what elements are architecturally or historically significant, and why, and to assess their relative significance. The second is to formulate policies that will protect those elements that are of greater significance, and to provide guidance on the way those of lesser significance may be adapted or replaced to meet changing needs. The third is to ensure that when new interventions are made they reinforce local distinctiveness and historic character. Popular support for these approaches, and their firm and consistent application, is essential throughout

Secondary Doc. 31/01/11 English Heritage Add icon
Delivering Healthy Local Travel Plans

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The Transport and Health resource was jointly commissioned by the Department of Health (DH) and Department for Transport (DfT) to support the development and delivery of health conscious Local Transport Plans throughout England. Local Transport Plans (LTPs) are required to be assessed through Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) (European Directive 2001/42/EC) as an integral part of developing, appraising and later, delivering LTPs. Addressing human health is a key requirement of the SEA directive, and health impacts are also covered in the statutory duty to assess for the Impact on Equality, which will need to be carried out for all LTPs. This resource is for information and relates to existing policy. It is intended for use by Transport Planners for developing their plans, Public Health Departments that can advise on local health issues, and SEA practitioners assessing the plan and informing its preparation. It contains easily accessible evidence on the full range of the health impacts of transport modes so that the information can be incorporated into the evidence base for local transport plans and their assessment to ensure health issues are effectively covered throughout the process. The resource: • suggests how and when to use the four key elements of the resource (Transport and Health Screening Tool, summary of the Transport and health evidence base, suggested assessment methods and the Transport and Health Bibliography Matrix) in Chapter 1; • shows how the different elements inform the five stages in SEA in Chapter 2; • provides a quick reference screening tool linking health outcomes with transport mode Chapter 3; • gives a summary of the transport and health evidence in Chapter 4 with supplementary information in Appendix A; • suggests approaches to using SEA and health impact assessment (HIA) in Chapter 5; • provides information on key health pathways and how they can be addressed in transport planning in Chapter 6; 1 Transport and Health Resource • suggests key performance indicators for monitoring human health impacts in Chapter 7; and • sets out suggested transport mitigation and community support initiatives in Chapter 8.

Secondary Doc. 20/01/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Winter Service Guidance: Recommended Precautionary Treatments and Post Treatments Including Revised Salt Spread Rates

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An independent review (“the Quarmby Review”), commissioned by the previous government and continued by the current Secretary of State for Transport, to consider the resilience of English transport systems, produced a final report in 2010. Its recommendations aim, inter alia, at providing measures to improve local highway authorities‟ preparedness for winter. In particular, the review noted a need for „research which would underpin recommendations for the adoption of lower salt spread rates […] to improve resilience of the salt supply chain‟ (recommendation 23). With the early onset of the 2010/11 winter service season, the need for guidance on appropriate spread rates to reduce salt usage on local roads and improve resilience has become a high priority. The Department for Transport believes that it would be helpful to provide simple spread rate guidance to local authority practitioners as a matter of urgency. This document provides the required guidance.

Primary Doc. 04/01/11 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
Planning Policy Guidance 13: Transport

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Planning Policy Guidance 13's (PPG13) objectives are to integrate planning and transport at the national, regional, strategic and local level and to promote more sustainable transport choices both for carrying people and for moving freight.

Primary Doc. 03/01/11 Department for Communities and Local Government Add icon
Parking Measures and Policies Research Review

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Investigation of evidence about the impact of different types of parking measures and policies on road traffic, congestion, transport safety and car ownership, on the level of carbon emissions from transport, on the activity on businesses and on townscapes. The method of the research involved a systematic review of evidence from original and relevant studies. (DfT commissioned TRL Report)

Research 03/01/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Planning for SuDS - making it happen

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Sustainable drainage systems or SuDS are a more natural approach to managing rainfall where it falls. They are an important part of delivering sustainable communities and development, and should be considered together with established requirements for public open space, parking and transport. Planning for SuDS - making it happen is primarily intended for use by those people involved in the planning and development process requiring independent and digestible information on the delivery of SuDS. The guidance provides an easy to use reference for those not overly familiar with SuDS, the planning and development process or a mixture of both, and should be viewed within the wider context of surface water management. This guide will help the planning, design and delivery of attractive and high quality SuDS schemes - efficiently delivered SuDS will unlock other sustainability benefits

Secondary Doc. 01/12/10 CIRIA Add icon
Community-led spaces: A guide for local authorities and community groups

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A guide to the issues involved in transferring ownership and management of public space from local authorities to community groups. Transfer of public space ownership and management from local authorities to community groups is on the rise. Local people want a greater say in how their local parks and public spaces are managed and, as budgets tighten, local authorities want to maximise the help that communities can offer. Community-led spaces: a guide for local authorities and community groups is an introduction to the issues involved, based on the learning from a range of case studies across England.

Secondary Doc. 25/11/10 CABE Add icon
Supermarket-led development: asset or liability?

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Supermarkets are increasingly creating large parts of our towns, leading on mixed use development including housing. For this report, CABE has drawn on the design reviews of 30 major schemes. Well-designed supermarket-led development can be an asset, bringing jobs and investment. But many transpose an out-of-town model with a large car park into a town centre. The prosperity of a town centre can be put at risk if a new scheme undermines regeneration and a sense of place.

Secondary Doc. 21/11/10 CABE Add icon
Winter Service Guidance for Local Authority Practitioners

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Winter Service Guidance for Local Authority Practitioners. Comprehensive guidance to highway authorities on the planning and delivery of the Winter Service is included in Section 13 and Appendix H of the Complementary Guidance to Well-maintained Highways. This supplementary guidance note is aimed at local authority Winter Service practitioners and provides advice on actions that they could effectively take before and during the winter season. The aim of this guidance is therefore to assist in the planning, preparation and effective use of salt stocks and other resources.

General Information 03/11/10 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
ITS United Kingdom Autumn 2010 Review

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The ITS United Kingdom Autumn 2010 Review contains articles on using Intelligent Transport Systems to address climate change issues, for camera based enforcement, asset management, tolling, tunnel control and network management.

General Information 01/11/10 ITS-UK Add icon
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