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Dry Stone Retaining Walls

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Management of Highway Structures Complementary Guidance

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Management of Highway Structures: A Code of Practice was published in September 2005. Since then Government Policy in respect to highway and structures management has developed and evolved in a number of areas, including the introduction of new statutory duties on highways authorities. There have also been developments/advances with regard to recognised good practice. To assist users of the Code, the Roads Liaison Group has prepared this complementary guidance which takes account of these changes and developments. Where appropriate, the complementary guidance provides details of where to find up-to-date information that can assist with the implementation of the good practice set out in the Code. Users of the Code should treat this complementary guidance as up-to-date and having the same status as the Code. Where paragraphs have been amended, they supersede the ones in the Code.

Primary Doc. 27/05/11 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
Drystone retaining walls and their modifications: condition appraisal and remedial treatment

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This publication provides infrastructure owners, consulting engineers, contractors and maintenance managers with guidance on the management, condition appraisal, maintenance and repair of drystone retaining walls. It is based on a detailed review of published literature and infrastructure owners' procedures, consultation with experts and practitioners within the field. The purpose of this publication is to present good practice, provide a guide for routine management, recommend assessment, maintenance and repair strategies to give value for money and help knowledge sharing. This publication is divided into ten chapters, each including information and guidance on particular aspects of drystone retaining walls, followed by appendices with detailed information for practitioners including case studies demonstrating good practice.

Secondary Doc. 01/03/09 CIRIA Add icon
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