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General Principles

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Guidance on the Design, Assessment and Strengthening of Masonry Parapets on Highway

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Masonry parapets are designed to provide protection for road users. This guidance document is designed to bring up to date previous advice on the design, assessment and strengthening of masonry parapets, drawing together guidance previously available in BS 6779:1999 Part 4 and in research papers, and bringing the terminology used in line with that used in BS EN 1317-2:1998 and BS EN 1996-1-1:2005

General Information 03/09/12 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
Management of Highway Structures Complementary Guidance

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Management of Highway Structures: A Code of Practice was published in September 2005. Since then Government Policy in respect to highway and structures management has developed and evolved in a number of areas, including the introduction of new statutory duties on highways authorities. There have also been developments/advances with regard to recognised good practice. To assist users of the Code, the Roads Liaison Group has prepared this complementary guidance which takes account of these changes and developments. Where appropriate, the complementary guidance provides details of where to find up-to-date information that can assist with the implementation of the good practice set out in the Code. Users of the Code should treat this complementary guidance as up-to-date and having the same status as the Code. Where paragraphs have been amended, they supersede the ones in the Code.

Primary Doc. 27/05/11 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
TRL CR 297 Endurance testing of bridge deck expansion joints

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Premature failure of bridge deck expansion joints on highways has become of increasing concern to engineers and has created a serious maintenance problem with associated interruptions on busy roads. As part of a major research programme, initiated by the Transport and Road Research Laboratory (TRRL) to examine this problem, the University of Nottingham was commissioned to develop a suitable prototype laboratory testing device for expansion joints accommodating movements up to 50mm. An Expansion Joint Simulator was developed to perform accelerated tests on sections of bridge deck expansion joint of the buried or plug type. The equipment reproduced horizontal, vertical and rotational movements simulative of those induced by moving traffic as well as the long term movements associated with temperature changes. A series of tests on simplified buried joints was conducted which revealed that horizontal movements were more damaging than vertical or rotational ones. Failure mechanisms similar to those which occur on site developed. The results were used to produce a preliminary prediction method for joint lives.

Research 01/01/91 Transport Research Laboratory Add icon
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