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IAN 161/12 - Managed Motorways Future Design (All Lanes Running)

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Interim Advice Note (IAN) 161/12 provides the requirements and guidance for the permanent conversion of the hard shoulder to a running lane, whilst retaining the ability to dynamically control traffic. This approach is defined as Managed Motorways – All lanes running (MM-ALR) and the scope of IAN 161/12 is limited to this type of intervention. If a scheme does not include this, then it is outside the scope of this IAN. This new specification detailed in the IAN, includes a reduction in the amount of infrastructure necessary for a managed motorway scheme, which will result in significant cost savings. It is however expected to deliver similar congestion benefits as existing managed motorway schemes, whilst maintaining a safe environment, but for significantly less capital and operating costs.

Primary Doc. 01/03/12 Highways Agency Add icon
Well-maintained Highways Tracked Changes Version

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Since Well-maintained Highways was published in 2005, Government Policy with respect to highway maintenance has developed and evolved in a number of areas. There have also been a number of changes, including the introduction of new statutory duties on highway authorities. To assist users of this Code, the Roads Liaison Group has prepared complementary guidance to advise and direct users to where they may find more up to date information to assist them in implementing best practice and the recommendations of the Code. Users of the Code should treat this complementary guidance as up-to date and having the same status as the Code. Where paragraphs have been amended, they supersede the ones in the Code. It must be noted that these updates should not be read in isolation but should be considered within the context of the Code

Primary Doc. 16/01/12 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
The Traffic Signs (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations and General Directions 2011

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This instrument amends the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 (S.I. 2002/3113, “the TSRGD 2002”). It will come into force on the 30th of January 2012.

Legislation 20/12/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Traffic in Villages Toolkit

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Traffic in Villages is a new publication produced by Dorset AONB Partnership and written by Hamilton-Baillie Associates. It has been written as a toolkit to help Parish Councils and local groups understand the core principles for reducing speed, improving safety and retaining local distinctiveness. We hope that Traffic in Villages will help develop new working relationships between communities and highway authorities by equiping communities with the tools to look closely at their issues and begin to consider new solutions. It is illustrated with case studies and practical advice and includes a checklist to help local surveys. The Toolkit extends the key principles of Manual for Streets and Manual for Streets 2 to support rural communities coping with the impact of traffic in villages and small towns.

Primary Doc. 06/12/11 unknown Add icon
Intelligent Transport Systems in the United Kingdom: Initial Report

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A report on the national activities and projects regarding the four priority areas identified by the Intelligent Transport Systems Directive.

General Information 01/12/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Infrastructure and Cyclist Safety

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The Department for Transport commissioned TRL to conduct a literature review to consider the role of infrastructure in the causation and reduction of injuries to cyclists. It was undertaken as part of the wider research programme, Road User Safety and Cycling, being led by TRL. Overall, it proved problematic to draw definitive conclusions from the literature. Taken as a whole, the most significant infrastructure-related risk factors for cyclists in single vehicle incidents on highways appear to be; slippery road (due to weather), and poor or defective road surface. For multi-vehicle collisions the infrastructure risk factors appear to be; posted speed limits, and encounters with other road users at junctions.

Research 28/11/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Traffic Advisory Leaflet 5/11 - Quality Audit

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This leaflet gives advice on the use of Quality Audit (QA) in the street design process as outlined in Manual for Streets, Manual for Streets 2 Wider Application of the Principles and Local Transport Note 1/08 Traffic Management and Streetscape.

General Information 14/11/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Road Traffic Estimates: Quarter Three 2011

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This release presents provisional estimates for road traffic in Great Britain for the third quarter of 2011.

Research 10/11/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Reliability of journeys on Highways Agency's motorway and 'A' road network: September 2011

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This statistical release presents information about the reliability of journeys on motorways and ‘A’ roads managed by the Highways Agency during September 2011.

Research 10/11/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Congestion on local authority managed 'A' roads 2010-11

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This statistical release presents information about congestion on local authority managed ‘A’ roads between September 2010 and July 2011. The release finalises the statistics published in previous quarters and presents provisional information about congestion during September 2011.

Research 10/11/11 Department for Transport Add icon
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