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Departures from Standards Procedures for Local Highway Authorities

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This document offers pragmatic methods for preparing departures from standards including the introduction of a new simple proforma. It recognises that published design standards offer benefits but also potential constraints and progressive local highway authorities may seek to work beyond the limits of standards in delivering "more for less".

Secondary Doc. 22/09/11 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
Local Road Safety Delivery

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The Department for Transport have just released the results of a three years study into the delivery of local road user safety. The evaluation was commissioned to consider the following objectives: • to evaluate the different strategies and plans for delivering road user safety; • to assess what is being delivered, the key processes and how efficient local authority practices are; and • to identify lessons and areas of good practice in road user safety investment.

General Information 06/09/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Ultracrete coverTEC D400

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Ultracrete coverTEC class D400 vehicular access covers are 3rd party certified by Lloyds British to fully comply with EN124: 1994 and offer a superior solution for vehicular access locations, and specifically for Group 4 applications where high speed traffic is prevalent.

Product 19/07/11 Instarmac Add icon
Bus punctuality partnerships: guidance for local authorities and operators

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This guidance has been produced by DfT's Bus Punctuality Working Group, a stakeholder group set up to develop a more effective punctuality regime. It is informed by the experience of local authorities and bus operators around the country and offers a framework which local authorities and bus operators can use to work together to achieve results. It sets out why punctuality and reliability are important, and explains how a partnership approach can help to deliver high standards of punctuality. It contains examples of good practice which are already being used, together with a model which has been developed for use 'off the peg' or which can be adapted according to local circumstances, including a model data sharing agreement.

Secondary Doc. 11/07/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Puffin Accident Study Report

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Puffin facilities were developed to replace Pelican crossings at mid-block sites and farside pedestrian signals at junctions. Research has shown that compared to existing pedestrian signal facilities, Puffin facilities can reduce both driver and pedestrian delay at junctions, and improve pedestrian comfort (particularly for older pedestrians and those with impaired mobility). Previous research has also indicated safety benefits. The aim of this study was to quantify the safety benefit.

Research 08/03/11 Transport Research Laboratory Add icon

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ACO KerbDrain is an award winning combined kerb drainage system for use in a range of highway, car parking and Sustainable Drainage System applications. It is the first combined kerb drainage system of its kind to use recycled materials and be independently certified and Kitemarked to BS EN 1433: 2002. Manufactured from Vienite, a new polymeric based recycled polymer concrete, ACO KerbDrain is strong and durable and yet lighter in weight than traditional concrete kerbs. The product is also fully compliant with national highways and transport agencies (UK) and National Roads Authority (ROI) requirements for motorway and major trunk roads. Depending on your requirements, the system has units which comply fully with the HSE manual handling regulations and components which provide the optimum solution for mechanical installation. Based on traditional HB1, HB2 and SP kerb stone profiles, the system is suitable for new and renovation projects and has a full range of product accessories to provide a comprehensive drainage solution. ACO KerbDrain meets all specification requirements: - Fully compliant to the Specification for Highway Works - Kitemarked to BS EN 1433:2002 - Certified by a notified body to BS EN 1433: 2002 Load Class D 400 - CE marked by a notified body In 2001, ACO KerbDrain won the Queens Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

Product 01/03/11 ACO Water Management Add icon

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ACO RoadDrain is a tough one piece channel drainage system ideal for medium to heavy-duty highway, distribution yards and airfield applications. Manufactured from Vienite, ACO high strength recycled polymer concrete, the one piece system is strong and robust in design and the absence of separate gratings eliminates the risk of loss or vandalism. The integral channel and grating design also improves the inherent strength of the system. Most significantly ACO RoadDrain carries the BSI Kitemark which ensures that the recycled materials and the process used to manufacture it, produce consistently high quality BS EN 1433: 2002 marked product. The product is also fully compliant with national highways and transport agencies (UK) and National Roads Authority (ROI) requirements for motorway and major trunk roads. ACO RoadDrain is available in two channel widths; 100mm and 200mm and has a variety of depths to suit many design schemes. Each unit within the range is 500mm in length to enable quick and simple installation. The system has a full range of accessories for simple connection to underground drainage. System maintenance is simplified by using ACO RoadDrain rodding access units. ACO RoadDrain is certified to BS EN 1433: 2002 and can support Load Class performance up to and including F 900 - Ideal for very high wheel loads including Airports and Docks. ACO RoadDrain meets all specification requirements: - Fully compliant to the Specification for Highway Works - Kitemarked to BS EN 1433:2002 - Certified by a notified body to BS EN 1433: 2002 Load Class F 900 - CE marked by a notified body

Product 01/03/11 ACO Water Management Add icon
Winter Service Guidance: Recommended Precautionary Treatments and Post Treatments Including Revised Salt Spread Rates

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An independent review (“the Quarmby Review”), commissioned by the previous government and continued by the current Secretary of State for Transport, to consider the resilience of English transport systems, produced a final report in 2010. Its recommendations aim, inter alia, at providing measures to improve local highway authorities‟ preparedness for winter. In particular, the review noted a need for „research which would underpin recommendations for the adoption of lower salt spread rates […] to improve resilience of the salt supply chain‟ (recommendation 23). With the early onset of the 2010/11 winter service season, the need for guidance on appropriate spread rates to reduce salt usage on local roads and improve resilience has become a high priority. The Department for Transport believes that it would be helpful to provide simple spread rate guidance to local authority practitioners as a matter of urgency. This document provides the required guidance.

Primary Doc. 04/01/11 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
Well-Lit Highways Complementary Guidance

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Well-lit Highways was published in November 2004. Since then, Government Policy in respect to highway lighting has developed and evolved in a number of areas. There have also been a number of changes, including the introduction of new statutory duties on highways authorities. To assist users of this Code, the Roads Liaison Group has prepared this complementary guidance to advise and direct users to where they may find more up to date information to assist them in implementing best practice and the recommendations of the Code. Users of the Code should treat this complementary guidance as up to date and having the same status as the Code. Where paragraphs have been amended, they supersede the ones in the Code.

Primary Doc. 15/12/10 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
Planning for SuDS - making it happen

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Sustainable drainage systems or SuDS are a more natural approach to managing rainfall where it falls. They are an important part of delivering sustainable communities and development, and should be considered together with established requirements for public open space, parking and transport. Planning for SuDS - making it happen is primarily intended for use by those people involved in the planning and development process requiring independent and digestible information on the delivery of SuDS. The guidance provides an easy to use reference for those not overly familiar with SuDS, the planning and development process or a mixture of both, and should be viewed within the wider context of surface water management. This guide will help the planning, design and delivery of attractive and high quality SuDS schemes - efficiently delivered SuDS will unlock other sustainability benefits

Secondary Doc. 01/12/10 CIRIA Add icon
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