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Winter Service Guidance for Local Authority Practitioners

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Winter Service Guidance for Local Authority Practitioners. Comprehensive guidance to highway authorities on the planning and delivery of the Winter Service is included in Section 13 and Appendix H of the Complementary Guidance to Well-maintained Highways. This supplementary guidance note is aimed at local authority Winter Service practitioners and provides advice on actions that they could effectively take before and during the winter season. The aim of this guidance is therefore to assist in the planning, preparation and effective use of salt stocks and other resources.

General Information 03/11/10 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
Manual for Streets 2: Wider Application of the Principles

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Streets and roads make up around three-quarters of all public space – their design, appearance, and the way they function have a huge impact on the quality of people’s lives. Manual for Streets 2 - Wider Application of the Principles is the result of collaborative working between the Department for Transport and the transportation industry. It is an excellent demonstration of what can be achieved when Government works in partnership with professional industry representatives. The aim of the document is to extend the advantages of good design to streets and roads outside residential areas and to provide an environment that improves the quality of life. By rethinking the way high streets and non-trunk roads are designed, the fabric of public spaces and the way people behave can be changed. It means embracing a new approach to design and breaking away from inflexible standards and traditional engineering solutions. The new guide does not supersede Manual for Streets; rather it explains how the principles of the first document can be applied more widely. The guide further integrates the fundamentals of “Link and Place”, allowing designers to set the right design strategy for the particular nuances of busier streets. It also outlines a process to deliver the Governments new de-cluttering agenda. The flexible and pragmatic guidance will assist all professionals involved in regeneration, development and highway management with a toolkit of approaches and methods that address the challenges on our busier streets.

Secondary Doc. 29/09/10 CIHT Add icon
Research for MfS2 High Risk Collision Sites and Y Distance Visibility

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The approach to visibility at priority junctions has been to provide a minimum stopping sight distance value (SSD) appropriate to a particular design speed, for example 70m SSD for 50kph. The assumption made by some designers and road safety auditors is that this value provides a minimum road safety requirement, and that collision risk will increase if the SSD is not achieved. The purpose of this research was to examine whether a direct relationship can be established between variations in Y distance SSD and collision frequency at priority junctions.

Research 29/09/10 CIHT Add icon
Midnight Switch Off for Motorway Lighting Monitoring Plan Report (12 Month)

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A report describing the results and lessons learnt from introducing six sites of midnight to 5.00am road lighting switch-off on 40km of motorway around the south of England. The project was commissioned by the Highways Agency to reduce carbon consumption and evidence is presented to show how over 400 tonnes of carbon were saved for 40km of midnight to 5.00am switch-off without having any adverse impact on road safety. The report discusses injury and non-injury incidents, overrides (where the lighting was remotely restored due to incidents on the network), stakeholder feedback, equipment performance, traffic flow analysis and lessons learnt. Some conclusions and recommendations are described.

Research 01/06/10 Highways Agency Add icon
TRL PPR 466 Safety evaluation of Compact MOVA Signal Control Strategy

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MOVA traffic signal control is used at approximately 3000 junctions in the UK. The recently released MOVA M5 has a facility to exclude the use of the more distance ‘IN’ detectors (normally around 8 seconds journey time from the stop line) on some or all of the approaches, thus saving ducting and maintenance cost. Commonly known as ‘Compact MOVA’, it can only be used on low speed approaches (where the 85th percentile speed is less than 35mph). The performance of Compact MOVA has been found to be better than traditional Vehicle Actuation control, matching standard MOVA in saturated conditions. Studies have also shown that Compact MOVA can significantly reduce pedestrian delay at stand-alone signal controlled pedestrian crossings with negligible effect on vehicular delay when compared with Vehicle Actuation. Previous risk assessments and a limited safety study indicate that Compact MOVA is as least as safe as Vehicle Actuation. The research in this project, commissioned by the Department for Transport, is necessary to confirm, or otherwise, these findings, and give confidence in the advice given to Local Traffic Authorities. This report describes the study carried out at three stand-alone Puffin crossings and two junctions. The investigation includes conflict analysis and an assessment of pedestrian and driver behaviour.

Research 13/05/10 Transport Research Laboratory Add icon
Dorset Lighting Policy

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This document was identified as part of the UKRLG Project on Design & Maintenance Guidance. Dorset's guidance to developers.

Secondary Doc. 15/04/10 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
Older Drivers: RoSPA (4/10)

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This paper identifies the main factors that can increase crash risk with age, as well as ways to help older drivers sustain a good level of safe mobility. Older people are a large and increasing proportion of the population. Their mobility is vital to maintain a full and independent life. However, as people get older, it is inevitable that general health and fitness will begin to deteriorate – and this is what causes concern that older drivers may be at an increased risk of being involved in an accident.

Primary Doc. 01/04/10 RoSPA Add icon
Culvert Design and Operation Guide

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A culvert provides the means of allowing infrastructure to cross a watercourse. Culverts are superficially simple structures, but they have the potential to restrict flow (causing flooding), and to adversely affect the aquatic environment. This guide replaces the Culvert design manual (R168) published by CIRIA in 1997. It adopts a whole-life approach to the design and operation of culverts, with a focus on asset management, reflecting the significant changes that have occurred in the business of asset management over the past 10 to 15 years. The publication also addresses the management of culverts in the context of both the drainage basin in which they sit, and the infrastructure that they form part of. This is a comprehensive guide covering a wide range of subject matter relevant to the design and operation of culverts, but does not cover the structural design of culverts. It includes information pertinent to the management and design of culverts, and there is inevitably some repetition throughout the guide. This is to reduce the risk of users missing vital guidance by selective reading. However, users are urged to read comprehensively, especially if new to the subject.

Secondary Doc. 01/04/10 CIRIA Add icon
Street Lighting Design, Adoption Process and Specification Guide - Appendix A

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This document was identified as part of the UKRLG Project on Design & Maintenance Guidance. Wokingham's guidance to developers.

Secondary Doc. 28/03/10 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
Street Lighting Design, Adoption Process and Specification Guide

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This document was identified as part of the UKRLG Project on Design & Maintenance Guidance. Wokingham's guidance to developers.

Secondary Doc. 28/03/10 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
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