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Street light, lamp post, street lamp, light standard or lamp standard, is a raised source of light on the edge of a road, turned on or lit at a certain time every night to provide artificial light of a sufficient level to illuminate road users and assist them in negotiating them route safety.

Documents listed in this section cover Design Standards, Light Source, Luminaries, Maintenance, and illumination of traffic signs. You can refine your search by selecting a narrower topic heading listed below. 

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Title Document type Published Publisher
Streets for All: Fixing signs, lights & CCTV to buildings Secondary Doc. 01/05/08 English Heritage Add icon
BS EN 12899-1:2007 Fixed, vertical road traffic signs. Fixed signs

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Road signs, Fixed, Signs, Vertical, Street furniture, Performance, Grades (quality), Retroreflective materials, Luminance, Reflection factor, Colorimetry, Colour, Loading, Lighting (road signs), Conformity, Performance testing

Primary Doc. 30/04/08 BSi Add icon
Road Lighting and Accidents on the Strategic Road Network

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An analysis of darkness accidents and the impact of road lighting. Commissioned by the Highways Agency to inform the derivation of savings for economic appraisal. The report describes two methods used to derive the benefits of road lighting on motorways and strategic all purpose trunk roads. An explanation is included for differences and similarities between the results of the two methods used and how the two methods were drawn together to reach reasonable, evidence based, and indicative numerical conclusions about the actual benefits of road lighting on darkness accidents. The work is specific to motorways and all purpose trunk roads. The studies did not include analysis of urban or built up roads.

Research 01/04/08 Highways Agency Add icon
International Commission on Illumination Useful Website 01/01/08 CIHT Add icon
Illuminating Engineering Society of North America Useful Website 01/01/08 CIHT Add icon
Association of Signals, Lighting and other Highway Electrical Contractors Useful Website 01/01/08 CIHT Add icon
Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers Useful Website 01/01/08 CIHT Add icon
Clear Skies Useful Website 01/01/08 CIHT Add icon
Electrical Contractors Association Useful Website 01/01/08 CIHT Add icon
Energy Institute Useful Website 01/01/08 CIHT Add icon
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