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Traffic Appraisal

Traffic Aprasial Traffic Appraisal is the assessment of the impact that additional traffic, generated by changes in land use, will have on a specified road network and the adjacent properties.

Documents listed in this section cover Appraisal Process, Strategic Appraisal, Scheme Appraisal, Cost–Benefit Analysis, Appraisal Framework, Transport–Demand Models, Strategic Transportation Models, Demand Modelling, Road Traffic Assignment Models and Impact assessments. You can refine your search by selecting a narrower topic heading listed below.

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Title Document type Published Publisher
Circular 02/2013 The Strategic Road Network & Delivery of Sustainable Development

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The new policy replaces Circular 02/2007 Planning and the Strategic Road Network, and DfT Circular 01/2008 Policy on Service Areas and other Roadside Facilities on Motorways and All-purpose Trunk Roads in England.

Primary Doc. 11/09/13 Department for Transport Add icon
Index of Interim Advice Notes (IAN)

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Current set of the Highway's Agency's Interim Advice Notes, including lighting, managed motorways, appraisal technology schemes, bridges, air quality.

Primary Doc. 01/04/13 Highways Agency Add icon
Intelligent Transport Systems in the United Kingdom: Initial Report

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A report on the national activities and projects regarding the four priority areas identified by the Intelligent Transport Systems Directive.

General Information 01/12/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Road Traffic Estimates: Quarter Three 2011

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This release presents provisional estimates for road traffic in Great Britain for the third quarter of 2011.

Research 10/11/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Reliability of journeys on Highways Agency's motorway and 'A' road network: September 2011

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This statistical release presents information about the reliability of journeys on motorways and ‘A’ roads managed by the Highways Agency during September 2011.

Research 10/11/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Behavioural Insights Toolkit

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Behavioural insights are an important component of the Department for Transport’s vision for a transport system that is an engine for economic growth but one that is also greener and safer and improves quality of life in our communities. The Behavioural Insights Toolkit provides a readily digestible and user-friendly guide to those responsible for transport policy and delivery initiatives, including local authorities. The toolkit shows how behavioural insights can be applied in the transport context to achieve policy objectives. The toolkit does not represent mandatory guidance and its use is purely voluntary.

Research 08/11/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Buses - Best practice

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Best practice and policy guidance for bus and coach operators; including licensing and registration, concession fares, tackling anti-social behaviour and criminal damage, and explanations of the operators grants that are available.

Primary Doc. 02/11/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Planning for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games

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Traffic Commissioners have been working closely with road transport trade associations and Transport for London to offer practical advice to help road haulage operators plan for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. As part of this, during October and November 2011, Traffic Commissioners will be writing to all road haulage operators who have environmental conditions attached to one or more operating centres on their operators licence to ensure those businesses are planning for the Games, given the additional restrictions they have on their operations, and to encourage them to start planning now.

General Information 01/11/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Bus punctuality partnerships: guidance for local authorities and operators

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This guidance has been produced by DfT's Bus Punctuality Working Group, a stakeholder group set up to develop a more effective punctuality regime. It is informed by the experience of local authorities and bus operators around the country and offers a framework which local authorities and bus operators can use to work together to achieve results. It sets out why punctuality and reliability are important, and explains how a partnership approach can help to deliver high standards of punctuality. It contains examples of good practice which are already being used, together with a model which has been developed for use 'off the peg' or which can be adapted according to local circumstances, including a model data sharing agreement.

Secondary Doc. 11/07/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Older Drivers: RoSPA (4/10)

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This paper identifies the main factors that can increase crash risk with age, as well as ways to help older drivers sustain a good level of safe mobility. Older people are a large and increasing proportion of the population. Their mobility is vital to maintain a full and independent life. However, as people get older, it is inevitable that general health and fitness will begin to deteriorate – and this is what causes concern that older drivers may be at an increased risk of being involved in an accident.

Primary Doc. 01/04/10 RoSPA Add icon
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