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Intelligent Transport Systems


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TAL 1/12: The Traffic Signs (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations and General Directions 2011

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The Traffic Signs (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations and General Directions 2011 (SI 2011 No. 3041) further amends the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 (“TSRGD 2002” – SI 2002 No. 3113) and came into force on 30 January 2012. Copies of the new SI are available from TSO at a price of £27.25 each. In addition to SI 2011 No. 3041, this Traffic Advisory Leaflet also contains guidance relating to the other sets of amendment regulations listed below, which came into force since the introduction of TSRGD 2002. Therefore, in addition to the current editions of Traffic Signs Manual, this document should be read in conjunction with the listed SIs and associated Traffic Advisory Leaflets, by all those involved in designing and implementing traffic management schemes and in road traffic regulation generally. While this Traffic Advisory Leaflet is intended to assist readers, it is neither legal advice nor a substitute for reference to the relevant legislation - and should not be relied on as such.

General Information 07/03/12 Department for Transport Add icon
Sideguards on heavy goods vehicles: assessing the effects on pedal cyclists injured by trucks overtaking or turning left: TRL (DOP 9/10)

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Transport for London (TfL) developed and published a Cycle Safety Action Plan that proposed a wide range of actions to improve cycle safety. These actions include, under the heading 'technology', working with the freight industry to identify the most cost-effective commercial vehicle safety measures that could be fitted either to new vehicles or to the existing fleet. The action specifically states that sideguards and motion sensors will be considered. This study has drawn together the findings of research literature, in particular three recent studies that consider heavy vehicle safety generally and/or sideguards specifically, and undertaken analysis of relevant accident data in order to inform consideration of the likely effectiveness of sideguards in terms of mitigating pedal cycle casualties in London and in GB as a whole.

Research 16/01/12 Transport for London Add icon
Intelligent Transport Systems in the United Kingdom: Initial Report

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A report on the national activities and projects regarding the four priority areas identified by the Intelligent Transport Systems Directive.

General Information 01/12/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Buses - Best practice

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Best practice and policy guidance for bus and coach operators; including licensing and registration, concession fares, tackling anti-social behaviour and criminal damage, and explanations of the operators grants that are available.

Primary Doc. 02/11/11 Department for Transport Add icon
ITS United Kingdom Autumn 2011 Review

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A collection of articles on various implementations of Intelligent Transport Systems by the Members of ITS United Kingdom

General Information 03/10/11 ITS-UK Add icon
Management of Electronic Traffic Equipment

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This Code of Practice is the first document within the UK which establishes a series of good practice policies and procedures, obtained from experts, on how to effectively manage the maintenance of fixed location electronic traffic control equipment. The growth of technology in the highways sector has led to improvements in congestion control and a reduction in carbon emissions. Adoption of the recommendations within this code will help local authorities achieve delivery of high quality services. This code will become the fourth code within the current suite of codes, and will sit alongside Well-lit Highways, Well-maintained Highways and the Management of Highway Structures.

Primary Doc. 22/09/11 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
Bus punctuality partnerships: guidance for local authorities and operators

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This guidance has been produced by DfT's Bus Punctuality Working Group, a stakeholder group set up to develop a more effective punctuality regime. It is informed by the experience of local authorities and bus operators around the country and offers a framework which local authorities and bus operators can use to work together to achieve results. It sets out why punctuality and reliability are important, and explains how a partnership approach can help to deliver high standards of punctuality. It contains examples of good practice which are already being used, together with a model which has been developed for use 'off the peg' or which can be adapted according to local circumstances, including a model data sharing agreement.

Secondary Doc. 11/07/11 Department for Transport Add icon
ITS United Kingdom Spring 2011 Review

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A collection of articles about Intelligent Transport Systems from the Members of ITS United Kingdom.

General Information 01/03/11 ITS-UK Add icon
Intelligent Display Systems

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Colas IDS are market leaders in the manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance support of Variable Message Signs. With over 20 years experience Colas can provide bespoke solutions to meet industry requirements as well as being able to offer solutions from our tried and tested product range. Currently a supplier to the UK Highways Agency under their framework 1/179 contract, Colas products are rigorously tested to ensure compliance with the latest standards. All of our HA products are “type approved” for use on the motorway network and have proven to be best in class for reliability in the field. As well as the manufacture of signalling equipment, Colas are able to offer a first class, fully flexible installation and commissioning service to suit our clients’ works programme. All of our products come with a 12 month warranty from the date of installation, and full product maintenance support and training is offered for end users / maintainers.

Product 01/03/11 Colas Add icon
Winter Service Guidance for Local Authority Practitioners

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Winter Service Guidance for Local Authority Practitioners. Comprehensive guidance to highway authorities on the planning and delivery of the Winter Service is included in Section 13 and Appendix H of the Complementary Guidance to Well-maintained Highways. This supplementary guidance note is aimed at local authority Winter Service practitioners and provides advice on actions that they could effectively take before and during the winter season. The aim of this guidance is therefore to assist in the planning, preparation and effective use of salt stocks and other resources.

General Information 03/11/10 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
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