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Intelligent Transport Systems


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Title Document type Published Publisher
ITS United Kingdom Autumn Review 2009

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The ITS United Kingdom Autumn Review 2009 contains articles on traffic management, managed motorways, congestion charging, average speed management, and smart card ticketing for public transport.

General Information 28/10/09 ITS-UK Add icon
Application Guide 44 - MOVA Traffic Control Manual

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MOVA traffic control manual, which explains the traffic principles, and the location and installation of detectors.

Secondary Doc. 01/07/09 Transport Research Laboratory Add icon
Smarter Local Transport

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Smarter Local Transport is a short introduction to the benefits of Intelligent Transport Systems for Councillors and senior local authority officers new to the topic of ITS.

General Information 01/04/09 ITS-UK Add icon
Local authority Intelligent Transport Systems: The ITS (UK) Guide to Deployment, Business Cases and Funding

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Local authority Intelligent Transport Systems: The ITS (UK) Guide to Deployment, Business Cases and Funding is an overview for local authority officers working in a transport setting but new to the specific topic of ITS.

Secondary Doc. 01/04/09 ITS-UK Add icon
Traffic Law Enforcement Technology in the UK

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A short guide to current practice, policy options, and related approaches to using enforcement technology in the UK

Secondary Doc. 02/02/09 ITS-UK Add icon
Traffic Management Leaflet

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This leaflet details Northern Ireland Roads Service structure, publications, and local contacts with respect to Traffic Management issues.

General Information 01/01/09 Roads Service Northern Ireland Add icon
Intelligent Speed Adaptation

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Over the last few years, London has achieved considerable reductions in casualties resulting from road traffic collisions. We are exploring new technology for low cost ways to achieve further reductions.

General Information 01/01/09 Transport for London Add icon
BS ISO 15622 Transport information and control systems. Adaptive cruise control systems. Performance requirements and test procedures

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Data transmission, Data representation, Data processing, Information systems, Information exchange, Velocity control, Performance

Primary Doc. 31/10/08 BSi Add icon
Example Vehicle Activated Sign Feasibility Report

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This document was identified as part of the UKRLG Project on Design & Maintenance Guidance. Gloucestershire County Council's example of how the assessment of VAS should be recorded/reported.

Secondary Doc. 01/10/08 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
PD ISO/TR 21707:2008 Intelligent transport systems. Integrated transport information, management and control. Data quality in ITS systems

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Road transport, Transportation, Traffic control, Computer applications, Data processing, Information exchange, Data management, Interfaces (data processing), Data, Quality, Metadata, Grades (quality)

Primary Doc. 31/07/08 BSi Add icon
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