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BusA form of public transport that convey members of the general public, usually charging set fares, to a scheduled timetables of services along predetermined routes.

Documents listed in this section cover Legislative Framework and Responsibilities, Policies and Guidance, Bus–Priority, Bus–Lanes, Bus–Stopping Places, Busway Transit.

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Traffic Signs (Amendment) Regulations and General Directions 2011

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The Secretary of State— (a)in exercise of powers conferred by section 64(1), (2) and (3) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984(1), makes the regulations contained in Part 1 of this instrument; and (b)in exercise of powers conferred by section 65(1) of that Act(2), gives the general directions contained in Part 2 of this instrument. In relation to the regulations contained in Part 1 of this instrument, the Secretary of State has, in accordance with section 134(2) of that Act, consulted with such representative organisations as the Secretary of State thought fit.

Legislation 09/05/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Community Transport: LTP Best Practice Guidance

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Community Transport, often run by the third sector, provides transport to those unable to access conventional public transport. The aim of this document is to highlight the benefits of community transport and explain how local authorities can engage with the sector.

General Information 14/03/11 Department for Transport Add icon
Manual for Streets 2: Wider Application of the Principles

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Streets and roads make up around three-quarters of all public space – their design, appearance, and the way they function have a huge impact on the quality of people’s lives. Manual for Streets 2 - Wider Application of the Principles is the result of collaborative working between the Department for Transport and the transportation industry. It is an excellent demonstration of what can be achieved when Government works in partnership with professional industry representatives. The aim of the document is to extend the advantages of good design to streets and roads outside residential areas and to provide an environment that improves the quality of life. By rethinking the way high streets and non-trunk roads are designed, the fabric of public spaces and the way people behave can be changed. It means embracing a new approach to design and breaking away from inflexible standards and traditional engineering solutions. The new guide does not supersede Manual for Streets; rather it explains how the principles of the first document can be applied more widely. The guide further integrates the fundamentals of “Link and Place”, allowing designers to set the right design strategy for the particular nuances of busier streets. It also outlines a process to deliver the Governments new de-cluttering agenda. The flexible and pragmatic guidance will assist all professionals involved in regeneration, development and highway management with a toolkit of approaches and methods that address the challenges on our busier streets.

Secondary Doc. 29/09/10 CIHT Add icon
ITS United Kingdom Spring 2010 Review

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This Review contains articles on a variety of topics relating to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). ITS United Kingdom publishes two reviews each year, with the support of its Members.

General Information 07/05/10 ITS-UK Add icon
Designing Streets: A Policy Statement for Scotland

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Designing Streets is the first policy statement in Scotland for street design and marks a change in the emphasis of guidance on street design towards place-making and away from a system focused upon the dominance of motor vehicles. It has been created to support the Scottish Government’s place-making agenda and is intended to sit alongside the 2001 planning policy document Designing Places, which sets out government aspirations for design and the role of the planning system in delivering these.

Primary Doc. 02/03/10 Scottish Executive Add icon
Delivering Sustainable Low Carbon Travel: An Essential Guide for Local Authorities

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Sustainable travel initiatives have the potential to add real value to the next round of Local Transport Plans (LTP). This guide seeks to complement statutory LTP Guidance by providing support for developing a sustainable travel business case based on the latest evidence and good practice from around the country.

Primary Doc. 01/11/09 Department for Transport Add icon
Policies and Good Practice Handbook

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The Policies and Good Practice Handbook is a reference tool for authorities in preparing and developing their LTPs and will be updated on a regular basis. It is not part of the statutory guidance. Given the number of links, authorities will need to prioritise according to their needs. Although the Handbook is categorised by policy area for simplicity, it is important to note that more can be achieved by linking these policies and work areas to maximise the impacts of the policy intervention as well as budgets.

Secondary Doc. 16/07/09 Department for Transport Add icon
Guidance on Local Transport Plans

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This document is statutory Guidance to support local transport authorities in producing Local Transport Plans.1 The Guidance applies to local transport authorities in England outside of London required to produce a Local Transport Plan under the Transport Act 2000, as amended by the Local Transport Act 2008. The statutory framework for Local Transport Plans is explained in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 sets out the national policy framework within which LTPs should be developed, including the national transport goals and challenges, the changes in wider legislation and policy which affect local transport, and in particular the new relationship between central and local Government as set out in the Local Government White Paper in 2006. The national goals and challenges replace the shared priorities of LTP2 guidance. But these priorities - accessibility planning, congestion, air quality and road safety - will continue to be essential elements of LTPs. Chapter 4 of this Guidance sets out practical advice on how local authorities should develop and deliver their plans. Specific policies and best practice are not part of the statutory Guidance but are referred to in the accompanying Policy and Best Practice Handbook

Primary Doc. 16/07/09 Department for Transport Add icon
Buses for Scotland: Park and ride for Buses - A National Framework

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The aim of this Framework is to assist Authorities and bus operators on approaches to the development of Park & Ride facilities.

Secondary Doc. 29/06/09 Transport Scotland Add icon
Hydrogen Vehicle

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Water! That is all a hydrogen fuel cell bus releases into the air. Clean, green and coming to a bus stop near you, they are the ultimate in environmentally friendly buses.

General Information 01/01/09 Transport for London Add icon
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