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BusA form of public transport that convey members of the general public, usually charging set fares, to a scheduled timetables of services along predetermined routes.

Documents listed in this section cover Legislative Framework and Responsibilities, Policies and Guidance, Bus–Priority, Bus–Lanes, Bus–Stopping Places, Busway Transit.

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Reducing Mobility Handicaps - Towards a Barrier Free Environment

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Everyday journeys to work, shopping and leisure can be a very real source of stress and pain for those who are partially sighted, elderly or who have some other form of mobility issue. The guidelines have been instrumental in promoting a greater awareness among engineers, planners, architects and others of the problems faced in daily life and how conditions can be approved.

Secondary Doc. 01/07/91 CIHT Add icon
DMRB Volume 8 Traffic Signs and Lighting - Section 2 Traffic Signs and Road Markings: SH 5/77 Implementation of Bus Priorities Primary Doc. 01/01/77 Highways Agency Add icon
MCE 0117A - Inductive Loop Vehicle Identification Equipment

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This scope covers the operational requirements of equipment for the identification of specific vehicles. Typically, such equipment might be used to detect buses at the approaches to a traffic signal intersection in order that a system of priority in traversing the junction may be accorded to such vehicles

Primary Doc. 01/12/76 Highways Agency Add icon
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