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The Essential Guide to Travel Planning

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This guide draws together experience built up by businesses with leading-edge travel plans to explain how you can set up a travel plan for your company. It will enable you to: explain the benefits of a travel plan to colleagues; work out the essential ingredients for success; identify potential savings, costs and income streams that could form the basis of a business case for a travel plan; decide what data you need to gather; determine which actions should be included in your company’s plan.

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Dublin Transportation Office

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The Dublin Transportation Office (dto). The DTO is a Republic of Ireland government agency, formed in 1996, which provides transport and land use advice to organisations operating in the Greater Dublin Area. This site will provide users with information on dto and its projects. It provides access to the latest Journey time surveys, road user monitoring reports, and quality bus corridor monitoring reports.

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Inclusive Mobility and Transport Advisory Committee (IMTAC) Northern Ireland

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The Inclusive Mobility and Transport Advisory Committee (Imtac) is a committee of disabled people and older people, as well as others including key transport professionals. Their role is to advise Government and others in Northern Ireland on issues that affect the mobility of older people and disabled people. Their aim to ensure that disabled people and older people have the same opportunities as everyone else to travel when and where they want.

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Transport Direct Useful Website 01/01/08 CIHT Add icon
Passenger Transport Executive Group Useful Website 01/01/08 CIHT Add icon
Advanced Transport Systems Ltd Useful Website 01/01/08 CIHT Add icon
Traveline Wales Useful Website 01/01/08 CIHT Add icon
Cambridgeshire Design Manual

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This document was identified as part of the UKRLG Project on Design & Maintenance Guidance. Cambridgeshire County Council's requirements for the design of new roads. The purpose of this Design Guide is therefore to set out the key principles and aspirations that should underpin the detailed discussions about the design of streets and public spaces that will be taking place on a site-by-site basis. It has been produced by the County Council, with support from Cambridgeshire Horizons and the City and District Councils, and will in particular guide the County Council in the use of its powers as Highways Authority. It compliments national design guidance, such as the Government’s Manual for Streets, and the local design guidance that has been produced by the City and District Councils, and that planning authorities will embrace its principles in future Supplementary Planning Documents produced at the local level.

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Manual for Streets

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There is a need to transform the quality of residential streets, and this requires a new approach to their provision. The Manual is aimed at any organisation or discipline with an interest in residential streets, ranging from access officers to the emergency services. The importance of joint working among practitioners is a key feature of the Manual. Its scope is limited to residential and other lightly trafficked streets, although some of its principles may be applied to other road types where appropriate. It is not, however, meant to be used for trunk routes of any description, as these roads are covered by the Highways Agency’s Design Manual for Roads and Bridges. Streets should not be designed just to accommodate the movement of motor vehicles - a prime consideration is that they meet the needs of pedestrians and cyclists.

Primary Doc. 29/03/07 Department for Transport Add icon
Guidance on Transport Assessment

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This document, Guidance on Transport Assessment (GTA), is intended to assist stakeholders in determining whether an assessment may be required and, if so, what the level and scope of that assessment should be. It provides guidance on the content and preparation of TAs and TSs. However, it is not a statement of Government policy and therefore should be read in conjunction with, and in the context of, relevant Government policies, in particular those relating to transport and planning. It is also important to note that the decision to grant planning permission for a development proposal is based on several considerations. A TA focuses primarily on the transport implications of the development, and therefore the completion of a TA does not guarantee the granting of planning consent. This guidance applies to England only, and not Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Developers should also have regard to any more specific current guidance issued by local authorities. In particular, developers operating in the vicinity of London should note the guidance issued by Transport for London (TfL). Planning applications meeting the criteria for referral to the Mayor should follow TfL’s Transport Assessment best practice guidance (May 2006) at

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