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public transport

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Title Document type Published Publisher
Public Transport Passenger Information Secondary Doc. 01/01/99 CIHT Add icon
LTN 01/97 Keeping Buses Moving Primary Doc. 01/10/97 Department for Transport Add icon
Transport in the Urban Environment

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Transport in the Urban Environment is a complete re-write of the technical manual, "Roads and Traffic in Urban Areas" (better known as RTUA or "the Brown Book" which was published in association with the Department of Transport). RTUA proved to be a particularly useful source of information for practitioners involved in urban planning and development especially those in the fields of highway and traffic engineering, transportation and town planning. Since there have been radical changes in the way that transport is viewed Transport in the Urban Environment gives great emphasis upon ensuring that the potentially damaging effects of transport upon the environment are avoided or, at least, mitigated. One such change is the growing debate over sustainable development and the impacts that transport can have on the urban environment which has continued not only within the UK but in many other countries. Transport in the Urban Environment is a "reference of first resort", providing a comprehensive guide to virtually every aspect of transport in urban areas. The volume is divided into six parts

Secondary Doc. 02/06/97 CIHT Add icon
Cycle Friendly Infrastructure

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The IHT, the Bicycle Association, the Cyclist's Touring Club and the Department of Transport worked together to produce the technical guidelines - "Cycle-Friendly Infrastructure: Guidelines for Planning and Design". Following the publication of Policy Planning Guidance 13 (Transport) and the development of the National Cycle Strategy, cycling will be of growing importance in transport policies. The Government is committed to sustainable development and sees cycling as an important part of an environment-friendly transport strategy. Many local authorities are already promoting alternatives to the car and measures to assist cyclists are an integral part of good transportation planning and highway design. The Guidelines assist those seeking to make highway infrastructure safer and more convenient for cyclists. As the Guidelines point out, dedicated cycle routes are an important part of this, but only a part. Good on-street facilities are also essential if cycling is to be encouraged. A hierarchical approach is recommended, with appropriate emphasis on reducing the volumes and speeds of motor vehicles, as well as using traffic management techniques to reduce accidents and to give cyclists a positive advantage. Much has changed since 1984 when the IHT published its original guidelines, "Providing for the Cyclist", especially the policy context. Nevertheless, many schemes have been implemented, experience gained and new techniques, such as Advanced Stop Lines and Toucan crossings, have been developed. The contents cover the policy framework, traffic management, junction and link design, cycle parking and links to public transport.

Secondary Doc. 10/04/96 CIHT Add icon
Town Centre and Village Guide

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These Guides have been prepared to ensure that the character of these town centres are protected and enhanced by new development. They also give advice on good and poor elements of design and incorporate advice on shop fronts and signage.

Primary Doc. 01/08/95 Northern Ireland Planning Service Add icon
Design Guide for Rural Northern Ireland

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This Guide is for all those who are thinking of building in the countryside. Its purpose is to improve the quality of design and to help to ensure that new buildings fit into the landscape. The guidance given here concentrates on houses in the countryside, but the same design process can be applied to any building in our landscape.

Primary Doc. 01/05/94 Northern Ireland Planning Service Add icon
The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 Legislation 01/01/92 Office of Public Sector Information Add icon
Reducing Mobility Handicaps - Towards a Barrier Free Environment

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Everyday journeys to work, shopping and leisure can be a very real source of stress and pain for those who are partially sighted, elderly or who have some other form of mobility issue. The guidelines have been instrumental in promoting a greater awareness among engineers, planners, architects and others of the problems faced in daily life and how conditions can be approved.

Secondary Doc. 01/07/91 CIHT Add icon
DMRB Volume 8 Traffic Signs and Lighting - Section 2 Traffic Signs and Road Markings: SH 5/77 Implementation of Bus Priorities Primary Doc. 01/01/77 Highways Agency Add icon
MCE 0117A - Inductive Loop Vehicle Identification Equipment

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This scope covers the operational requirements of equipment for the identification of specific vehicles. Typically, such equipment might be used to detect buses at the approaches to a traffic signal intersection in order that a system of priority in traversing the junction may be accorded to such vehicles

Primary Doc. 01/12/76 Highways Agency Add icon
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