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Traffic Management Techniques for Cyclists: Final Report

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This report focuses on a project undertaken for the Department for Transport (Traffic Management Division) in March 2011 entitled Investigation of Options for Traffic Management Techniques for Cyclists at Signallised Junctions in the Urban Environment. It describes the outcome of a desktop study that investigates the techniques that are in common usage both in the UK and overseas for cyclist provision at traffic signals.

Research 24/09/12 Department for Transport Add icon
DSOPM003: Tactile Paving

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This I’DGO design guidance relates to relates to tactile paving. It was first published (in print and online) in September 2012. It is part of The Design of Streets with Older People in Mind; a toolkit for those who plan, design and maintain the public realm. It can be used as an aid to assessing the ‘walkability‘ of local neighbourhoods, particularly with regards to the safety and comfort of footways. The guidance is based on the views of over 1,400 pedestrians, street audits, laboratory tests and key sources of existing UK guidance. It includes advice on the siting, laying and maintenance of blister and corduroy paving, including which colours and materials to specify.

Secondary Doc. 06/09/12 Inclusive Design for Getting Outdoors (I'DGO) Add icon
Reducing Congestion from Highways Works

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Information on the work TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) is conducting on reducing congestion from highways works on behalf of the UK's Department for Transport and Transport for London.

General Information 03/07/12 Transport Research Laboratory Add icon
Trials of farside pedestrian signals at a Puffin crossing

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Puffin facilities were devised to increase pedestrian convenience and safety, reduce the number of unnecessary stops for drivers, and provide clearer and consistent signals to road-users by eliminating the flashing sequence at mid-block crossings and the pedestrian signal blackout at junctions. A feature of Puffin crossings is nearside pedestrian signals, the benefits being improved pedestrian compliance, comprehension and observation. However, concern has been expressed on the masking of the nearside signal and the absence of a visible signal once on the crossing. An on-street trial was commissioned by Transport Scotland at a Puffin crossing in Edinburgh fitted with both nearside and farside pedestrian aspects. The study sought to provide recommendations on the standard form of signalised pedestrian crossings in the Disability Discrimination Act: Good Practice Guide for Roads (Transport Scotland, 2009). Overall, the effects of the introduction of the farside signal were neutral or negative, except for the pedestrians’ stated preference for the modified arrangement.

Research 11/06/12 Transport Research Laboratory Add icon
ITS United Kingdom Spring 2012 Review

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The Spring 2012 ITS (UK) Review contains useful articles on control room management, Intelligent Cities, public transport information systems, camera based enforcement, national traffic management systems, ITS infrastructure, and in-vehicle information systems

General Information 17/05/12 ITS-UK Add icon
Why does the outdoor environment matter?

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If an older person cannot get out and about locally, they are at risk of becoming a ‘prisoner in their own home’. This four-page, full-colour booklet gives an overview of all I'DGO One and I'DGO TOO research findings on why getting outdoors matters to older people and what key features of the environment help or hinder them in doing so, day-to-day. The text addresses how the design of gardens, streets, neighbourhoods and open spaces can make a difference to older people’s wellbeing and quality of life, covering topics such as: tactile paving; intelligent road crossings; ‘DIY’ and other shared space streets; residential outdoor space; access to neighbourhood green space; the provision of bus stops and shelters; and footpath design and maintenance. It also includes key messages and implications for professionals and policy makers, short notes on sample size and methodology and details of the research team and its partners.

Research 26/04/12 Inclusive Design for Getting Outdoors (I'DGO) Add icon
TAL 1/12: The Traffic Signs (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations and General Directions 2011

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The Traffic Signs (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations and General Directions 2011 (SI 2011 No. 3041) further amends the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 (“TSRGD 2002” – SI 2002 No. 3113) and came into force on 30 January 2012. Copies of the new SI are available from TSO at a price of £27.25 each. In addition to SI 2011 No. 3041, this Traffic Advisory Leaflet also contains guidance relating to the other sets of amendment regulations listed below, which came into force since the introduction of TSRGD 2002. Therefore, in addition to the current editions of Traffic Signs Manual, this document should be read in conjunction with the listed SIs and associated Traffic Advisory Leaflets, by all those involved in designing and implementing traffic management schemes and in road traffic regulation generally. While this Traffic Advisory Leaflet is intended to assist readers, it is neither legal advice nor a substitute for reference to the relevant legislation - and should not be relied on as such.

General Information 07/03/12 Department for Transport Add icon
IAN 161/12 - Managed Motorways Future Design (All Lanes Running)

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Interim Advice Note (IAN) 161/12 provides the requirements and guidance for the permanent conversion of the hard shoulder to a running lane, whilst retaining the ability to dynamically control traffic. This approach is defined as Managed Motorways – All lanes running (MM-ALR) and the scope of IAN 161/12 is limited to this type of intervention. If a scheme does not include this, then it is outside the scope of this IAN. This new specification detailed in the IAN, includes a reduction in the amount of infrastructure necessary for a managed motorway scheme, which will result in significant cost savings. It is however expected to deliver similar congestion benefits as existing managed motorway schemes, whilst maintaining a safe environment, but for significantly less capital and operating costs.

Primary Doc. 01/03/12 Highways Agency Add icon
Well-maintained Highways Tracked Changes Version

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Since Well-maintained Highways was published in 2005, Government Policy with respect to highway maintenance has developed and evolved in a number of areas. There have also been a number of changes, including the introduction of new statutory duties on highway authorities. To assist users of this Code, the Roads Liaison Group has prepared complementary guidance to advise and direct users to where they may find more up to date information to assist them in implementing best practice and the recommendations of the Code. Users of the Code should treat this complementary guidance as up-to date and having the same status as the Code. Where paragraphs have been amended, they supersede the ones in the Code. It must be noted that these updates should not be read in isolation but should be considered within the context of the Code

Primary Doc. 16/01/12 UK Roads Liaison Group Add icon
The Traffic Signs (Amendment) (No2) Regulations and General Directions 2011

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This instrument amends the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 (S.I. 2002/3113, “the TSRGD 2002”). It will come into force on the 30th of January 2012.

Legislation 20/12/11 Department for Transport Add icon
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